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Electric motors on an Encore - are they an add-on option - or a built-in option?

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Deep Cycle vs. Dual Purpose
Monday 20th of August 2012
One question asked regularly is what type of battery should be purchased for the Encore pedal electric boat or Electric boat models. There are so...
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Pedal Boat - The Escapade by Nauticraft


pedal boat escapade

Ultimate stability built into the pedal boat design

 Escapade Pedal Boat Printable Brochure

This pedal powered vessel, with its sleek design, is suitable for use in harbors, bays, ocean inlets and lakes.  It is also used for transportation to an offshore yacht or island home.  The boat's efficient Nauticraft designed single pedal drive system turns a 15" propeller, making movement through water feel effortless, reaching speeds up to 5 mph.  A spade type rudder provides easy and effective turning capability, controlled by a side mounted steering handle.  The sailboat type hull positions the operator down inside the cockpit.  Features a dry shelf up front for items you don't want to get wet and stretch cord retaining system around the front perimeter of the cockpit keeps life jackets, towels and even a beverage safely tucked away.   A rear bench seat fits 1 to 2 people with a molded in storage compartment beneath the seat cushion.  Guinness World Record holder for the English channel crossing in May of 2002.



Weight Capacity            525 lbs. persons and gear

Hull Construction Rotomolded polyethylene
Drive Unit (1) Quadritwist belt drive
Propulsion 15" two-blade propellor
Length 12' 2"
Beam 4' 0"
Draft 1' 8"
Weight 325 lbs.
Speed Potential 5.3 mph.