Electric motors on an Encore - are they an add-on option - or a built-in option?

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Enjoy this video of our Encore Pedal boat being used by the Aquaterraclub in Spain

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Deep Cycle vs. Dual Purpose
Monday 20th of August 2012
One question asked regularly is what type of battery should be purchased for the Encore pedal electric boat or Electric boat models. There are so...
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I can say it was well worth the purchase

If anyone is considering an nontraditional pedal boat for fun, pleasure, nature-enjoying, or even transportation if that somehow is a need for you, I highly recommend checking out Nauticraft as an option. The model I purchased is no longer available (Sprite), but there are two other, larger, multi-seat models (Escapade and Encore) available, both of which require trailers. These are boats built for comfort, speed, and just plain enjoyment.

- Oliver

Owner/Agent Program

Nauticraft has quietly been promoting this program to our owners who are located in geographical areas which do not have a dealer.  If you are interested in becoming an owner/agent and are not in one of the posted dealer areas, please read on to see how you can become one.  Check out the areas where there are immediate openings for an Owner/Agent!

Nauticraft boats always create a stir.  Many observers have never seen a boat quite like it!  Questions like "what is it?" and "where'd you get that?" and "can I get one?" are just a few asked of Nauticraft boat owners.   

As an Nauticraft owner/agent, you can benefit from this WOW factor quite easily.  The requirements are few, simple really.  Purchase a Nauticraft boat from the factory and use it on a regular basis.  When folks stop you on the street, lake or launching ramp and ask you those questions, you can refer them directly to Nauticraft for sales information.  Give them your name, Agent Number or give us a call with their name and we'll keep it on file.  Nauticraft will refer interested parties in your geographical areas to you for a demo or just to see your boat. 

Now comes the good part!  If either of these types of referrals end up with the sale of a boat, the Owner/Agent receives a check from Nauticraft for 10% of the selling price of the boat! 

Privacy is important, and Nauticraft respects yours.   

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