15 May

Pure Michigan: Vacation Destination

The residents of the state of Michigan understand the effects of the declining automotive industry more than most. Detroit is on the news nightly, and for all those who have never been to Michigan, you may think we live in an industrial mecca.  There is much industry here, but the majority of the state is not smoke stacks and huge factories.  It is sandy beaches, pine and hardwood forests, secluded inland lakes and the Great Lakes too.  It is golf courses for beginners or pros, and every skill set in between.  It is fishing, hunting, hiking and biking like no other.  It is people who love their state and would not live anywhere else.

We are inviting you to share in our wealth this summer, see what you’ve been missing.  Go to the Pure Michigan web site for more information.   And while you are here, give Nauticraft a call.  We’d be happy to show you the boats we proudly say are “Made in Michigan”

12 May

Pedal and Electric Boats in Providence RI

Plan a day in Rhode Island this spring at the Roger Williams Zoo, the “finest zoo in New England”* .  Take an Encore Pedal Electric boat out to cruise the lake and explore the beauty of Roger Williams Park (rental fees apply).  For more information call (508) 984-8264 for times and availability.

Interested in purchasing a Nauticraft boat in Rhode Island, Connecticut or Massachusetts?  Contact Alan at marco@gondolari.com for sales information.

*The Boston Globe, 2008