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What is Rotational Molding? 
Can I adapt your drive system to my kayak or canoe?
Can I camp on my boat?  
Can I add a sail to your pedal boats?
Can I replace your pedals with my clip-on style pedals?
Can I add navigational lights for touring at night?
Can I paint stipes on my boat?
How can I mount my fishing rod holder to my boat?
Can I cut holes into the boat for storage?
Can I mount my outboard motor to the boat?
How will my boat be delivered to me & what should I be 
prepared for upon its arrival?
We contract with third party shippers to arrange for the 
shipment of our boats.  The shipper picks up the boat 
directly at our factory to be delivered to you.  We 
recommend that your boat be delivered to a marina as 
they have the means to remove the boat from the truck 
and get it in the water for you (i.e. loading dock and 
extension forks for the fork lift).  If that is not an option for 
you, the boat may be delivered to your place of residence 
and we will provide for a lift gate.  Even so, because the 
boat is such a large package (137 inches - 174 inches in 
length (depending on the boat you purchase)) it will 
require some steadying as it is lowered to the ground.  We 
suggest having at least 3  4 strong abled persons to assist 
you with the removal of the boat.  

Keep in mind that the boat is delivered in a box.  You will 
need a means of getting the boat from the box and into the 
water.  Whether that is via one of our trailers or possibly 
the launching wheel set (for the Encore, only, and 
assuming a concrete boat ramp), you will need to plan 

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Can I pick up my boat directly from the factory?
Do you ship boats internationally?