Nauticraft has been promoting this program to our owners who are located in geographical areas that are not close in proximity to our factory.  If you are interested in becoming an Owner/Agent, please read on to see how you can become one.

Nauticraft boats always create a stir.  Many observers have never seen a boat quite like it!  Questions like “what is it?” and “where’d you get that?” and “can I get one?” are just a few asked of Nauticraft boat owners.

As a Nauticraft Owner/Agent, you can benefit from this WOW factor quite easily.  The requirements are few, simple really.  Purchase a Nauticraft boat from the factory and use it on a regular basis.  When folks stop you on the street, lake or launching ramp and ask you those questions, you can refer them directly to Nauticraft for sales information.  Give them your name, Agent Number or give us a call with their name and we’ll keep it on file.  Nauticraft will refer interested parties in your geographical areas to you for a demo or just to see your boat.

Privacy is important, and Nauticraft respects yours.

Sales Contact

Feel free to contact the factory at (231) 798-8440 or via E-mail at “” for ordering information.