23 Apr 2020

20% Discount & Social Distancing – a Win/Win!

For those looking for a way to continue social distancing, yet wanting to enjoy the warming weather and be out on the water, a Nauticraft pedal boat is a perfect solution. Our boats provide an ideal excuse to get out of the house while enjoying some time in the outdoors. Whether it’s a pedal boat and exercise you are looking for, or an electric boat and leisurely excursion you are in need of – or even both at the same time (exercise and leisure via a pedal and electric boat) – we have you covered.

Nauticraft is happy to be offering a 20% discount off the price of a new boat including options (exclusions apply).  And for boats sold in the state of Michigan, we are also providing free delivery at this time. Nice!!  Our staff is here to assist you with your pedal or electric boat needs. Contact us today to discuss this limited time 20% off discount.

And if you are a current owner of a Nauticraft boat, we would very much enjoy seeing how you are using your boat during these times.  Share your photos and videos with us on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #Nauticraft.

Above all else, we at Nauticraft want you to stay safe and healthy.  Let us help you achieve that with one of our boats.



  • By Craig Smith -


    You indicate a “20 percent” discount. What does that make the final cost, out the door.

    • By Mary Davis -


      It depends on which boat model you are interested in. I will E-mail you our pricing list including the 20% discount. Shipping would need to be calculated based on where you live. I would be happy to obtain a quote for you.

  • By john -


    interested in encore live in norton ma would like to know how much total with encore with engine and bimini would be with shipping and discount thank you

    • By Mary Davis -


      Hello – and thank you for your interest in our boats! I am going to send you an E-mail and reply directly on that.

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