15 Dec 2020

Boat Covers

Nauticraft offers 3 different kinds of boat covers for our Pedal, Pedal/Electric & Electric Boats.  This article will explain each of these covers and things to be aware of.


Persons sometimes refer to this as a “canopy”.  The Bimini is easily raised/lowered while out on the water and provides protection from the sun and elements.  Due to its size, it is very difficult/expensive to package and ship.  We suggest that if you are considering adding a Bimini to your boat, that you do so at the time you purchase the boat.    Available in red (as shown) and turquoise.








Cockpit/Mooring Cover

The Cockpit/Mooring Cover is useful while boats are moored at a dock.  It snaps onto the upper perimeter of the boat and serves to keep the interior of the boat free of debris.  Nauticraft fastens snaps onto the boat ensuring that they line up to the snaps on the cover.  If purchased after the fact, the boat owner will need to fasten those snaps onto their boat.  And if purchased as a replacement cover, chances are the snaps on the boat will not line up to the snaps on the new cover. If a snap is in the “wrong” place it can simply be removed with a screwdriver and placed properly, then the hole filled with marine filler or a high-quality silicone-based caulk.

The Bimini can remain installed while attaching the Cockpit/Mooring Cover onto the boat.  It will rest on top of the Cockpit/Mooring Cover.  It will also fit under the Cockpit/Mooring Cover on the Encore after first removing it from its hinges and then lying it down inside the boat.  Available in gray (as shown).



Trailering Cover

The Trailering Cover is helpful in keeping the interior of the boat free of debris as well as rainwater from entering the hulls on the boat. This cover uses straps which go underneath the boat and is ideal for trailering or storage purposes.

The Trailering Cover will cover both the Cockpit Cover and/or Bimini (with the Bimini still attached to the boat and either resting on top of the Cockpit Cover or in the case of the Encore, with the Bimini lying down inside the boat). Available in gray (as shown).


  • Remove or change position of the seats in order for the covers to fit better.
  • The installation of the snaps on the boat for the Cockpit/Mooring Cover is extremely difficult to do with accuracy. Nauticraft highly suggests that covers/Biminis are ordered at the time of purchase, so the boat owner does not have to do this on their own at a later time.
  • The Sprite Pedal Boat provides for one cover that acts as both a Cockpit/Mooring Cover as well as a Trailering Cover. The Bimini for the Sprite will fit under this cover with it still installed on the hinges.