• Durable rotationally molded plastic pontoons and seats.
  • Rugged sheet plastic access gates-one on each side.
  • Sheet plastic mini tables on each side. The construction of these tables supports the gates.
  • Sheet plastic fore and aft end panels. The aft end panel is designed to retain up to a 55 lb. thrust outboard motor.
  • Stainless steel fasteners for salt water corrosion resistance.
  • Bimini top for sun protection.
  • Options: Trailer


Now – a pontoon boat designed just for a couple of couples. Four molded seats – one on each corner – leaves copious space for plenty of accessories, and maybe even room for a furry friend or two. Add your choice of outboard power and you’ve got the prefect unit for a lake fishing expedition, or maybe just a romantic moonlight cruise with your significant other.



Weight Capacity 4 persons or 650 lbs. persons and gear
Pontoon & Seat Rotationally molded polyethylene
Drive Capacity 55 lbs thrust outboard motor
Length 12′ 6″
Beam 6′ 6″
Weight 725 lbs.

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The Endeavor Pontoon Boat


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Accessories are add-ons to enhance your experience with our pontoon boats.

  • Trailer

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Nauticraft sells direct from the factory, call (231) 798-8440 or fill out our contact form.