Electric Boats

How does your Encore P/E boat work?

Our system uses a time tested trolling motor design that is totally independent of the pedal drive. You can pedal, or pedal with the motor running, or just motor along without pedaling- the choice is yours!

Is the P/E a hybrid system that generates electricity as you pedal?

No, the electric system is separate from the pedals and at this time we do not have a pedal powered generator.

Is the motor permanently attached in the boat?

Yes, it is a permanent installation in the Encore. However, it can be removed and serviced as needed. Note that our motors are Minn Kota motors, so you would need to contact them directly for any motor issues.

Can I convert my pedal boat to electric?

We can add the electric drive(Encore only) here at the factory even after your purchase- we need the boat for a day and you’ll be ready to motor on. Call us for details.

Is it ok to leave the boat in the water if the motor is submerged?

Absolutely! The motors are designed specifically for this purpose and are well sealed.

Can I recharge the battery in my Encore P/E or Electric with a solar panel?

Absolutely, it’s not cheap, but you are guaranteed good carbon credit for your efforts. Give us a call, we can supply small supplemental systems that ride with you on the boat or see our links for suggestions of suppliers that can provide dockside systems that will charge your boat or even feed-back onto the grid!

Do you offer solar powered boats?

Not at this time. To power even a smaller boat such as ours requires a very large array of solar panels and would limit your use to bright daylight hours.

It may be possible for you to supplement the power to the battery with a small solar panel. This would extend your run time to some extent and keep your battery topped off when not in use.

Does my Encore P/E or Electric boat come with a charger?

Yes, it has a common 120 v. plug.

How long does it take to recharge my Encore P/E or Electric with the onboard charger?

Overnight will charge the battery back to full. We recommend you keep your battery charged fully even if you’ve only used it for an hour that day- this will extend battery life and give you a full charge to start out with each morning. The battery charger will cut off automatically and maintain full charge.

How far can I go before I need to recharge my electric boat?

That depends on many factors (current,wind,load,speed), with a fully charged battery you can expect a minimum of two hours of run time and more if you do not run full speed.

Where are the battery, charger and motor located on the boat?

The battery and charger are located in the rear of the boat underneath the cushion. The motor is a submergible type and is mounted under the clean-out hole under the rear seat.

Is it possible to have more than one battery on my Encore P/E or Electric boat?

Yes. There is room in the compartment under the rear seat for a spare battery.

What kind of battery do I need for the electric Encore?

For newer models (2021), the electric Encore boat comes already equipped with a 12v Lithium Ion 100Ah battery.

Will you supply the battery for my electric boat or am I to purchase my own?

For newer (2021) electric Encore boat models, a 12v Lithium Ion 100 Ah battery is included with the boat.

Do you offer electric drive systems to fit other boats or conversion kits?

Not at this time, but check out our links page for some ideas and motor manufacturers links.

Do you offer an electric powered Escapade?

Not at this time.