13 Jul 2020

Electric Boats Sold Out for 2020

We are sorry to say that our Electric Boats (Encore Electric Boat and Encore Pedal/Electric Boat) are sold out for the 2020 season.   Come back next year – and we will have these available at that time.

In the meantime, our Pedal Boats are all still available for sale – i.e. Encore Pedal Boat, Escapade Pedal Boat and Sprite Pedal Boat.

Thank you for helping to  make this year such a success!



  • By Greg Cira -


    I have a 2006 Encore in near perfect condition For Sale for $3500 if someone is interested. Shoot me an e-mail @gcira@aol.com

    • By Mary Davis -


      Hello! I apologize for my delay in responding to you. I was out on vacation last week and am steadily getting caught up…. In any event, we don’t typically get involved with selling used boats. I would suggest that you post an ad on Ebay or Craigs List. I’m sure you would be successful in selling your boat via either of those means.

  • By Robert J Sardo -


    Am interested in buying an Encore electric and pedal

    • By Mary Davis -


      Hello and thank you for your interest in our boats! I apologize for my delay in responding to you. I just returned from vacation a couple of days ago and am steadily working on getting caught up. Unfortunately we are sold out of our Electric Boat models (i.e. Encore Pedal/Electric and Encore Electric Boats) for the season. We are planning on selling these next season, so I would suggest getting with us towards the beginning of next year. You can E-mail us at that time at: inquiry@nauticraft.com for more information. Thanks!

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