2 Dec 2014

Escapade Forum

Escapade Forum

Nauticraft Corporation is thrilled to see that one of our Escapade boat owners has developed a forum for those persons owning or anticipating ownership of an Escapade.

Persons can share their stories, adventures and any adaptations they may have made to their boat and look for feedback from others.

Just click on the above link and you will be taken directly to the forum.

(Note however that while Nauticraft Corporation is interested in being privy to the things that owners do to enhance the enjoyment of their Escapade, we do not necessarily endorse any modifications that would compromise the integrity and safe use of our Nauticraft products.)



  • By William O'Toole -


    Is there any way to repair a deep scratch in the hull of an Escapade? The scratch is not through the hull material but is quite deep.

    • By Mary Davis -


      We do have available some “Patch ‘n Go”. This will only take care of cosmetic scratches. If the scratch is so deep and in turn the boat bangs up against something – the Patch N Go may not keep it from ripping thru. A tube of Patch n Go is available for $20.00 plus shipping.

  • By Bert -


    Do any of your boats come with different forward and back sprocket sizes for increased resistance and speed such as on a bicycle?

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