General information

  • Rotationally molded polyethylene hull, seats, rudder, steering handle and drive units: rugged and impact resistant
  • Molded-in keels: stable tracking and propeller protection
  • Positive floatation: cast in foam
  • Generous freeboard: deflects waves and spray

Pedal Drive System

  • Propeller powered: quiet and efficient
  • Bicycle cranks and axle: proven reliability
  • Roller bearings: smooth easy pedaling

All of the pedal boats feature a smooth, quiet drive system, giving effortless forward movement using conventional bicycle-type pedaling. Stopping and reverse movements are accomplished by reverse pedaling.

Large spade-type rudder(s) provides highly effective turning capability. A fore/aft pivoting steering handle, conveniently located on the starboard side, provides quick and easy steering.

Steering System


  • Large spade-type rudders: responsive steering
  • Oversized steering handle: comfortable and convenient
  • Corrosion proof materials: long service life

Operator’s Seat

  • Recumbent type: full back support
  • One piece design: simple and sturdy
  • Foam cushioning: 1 1/2″ thick comfort
  • Vinyl covers: marine quality
  • Fore-aft adjustment: 12-inch range