8 Aug 2012

How is the Encore Self Bailing?

One of the first questions a new Encore owner asks is “why is there water in the boat?”.  Reassuringly we say, it is supposed to be there!   Water comes through specifically designed holes in the bushing on the keels.  This allows water into the drive shaft channels at all times while the boat is in the water.   The level of water within the channels is dependent on weight within the boat.  Unmanned, the water will stay at its natural water line; if it rains you may see accumulation for a bit but once it stops it will drop to the natural waterline level within minutes.  The boat is self bailing in that sense and an advantage in areas that get rain more often.  As weight is added in the cockpit the boat will float a bit lower and the water in the channels will rise a bit.   If weight disbursement is uneven, you may notice a bit more water up and around the drive unit on the heavier side, this is completely normal and acceptable.  When the weight is taken out, the waterline will adjust to its natural state.  When the boat is taken out of the water, the channels will drain out the holes in the bushings.

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