18 Sep 2009

Pedal Boat and Erie Canal Part 2

Our thanks to John for this  update of his trek:

Dear Folks:  Here is an “end of trip” summary of my Erie Canal Escapade with emphasis on the boat and our performance.  The trip, from Tonawanda (Buffalo) to Waterford (Albany), 324 miles took 20 days at about 7 hours or less per day. During that time, there were two additional down days due to weather (rain).  Nine of the days were last summer, when I interrupted at Lock 25 near the Cayuga-Seneca Canal junction.  I picked up again at that point this year on August 15th.  After 5 days of 90 plus degree weather and bright sun, I was close to heat stroke.  I docked at the Holmes Marnina at the east end of Oneida Lake and went back to “home base” at Canandaigua Lake for 7 days.  I then completed the trip over the next week.

The Escapade performed magnificently throughout.  The so-called “prevailing westerlies” never materialized.  On only two of the 20 travel days was there significant west wind, with virtually no pedalling.  (John installed the sail kit from Sailboats-to-go).  On many days there was significant east wind, and the rest NE wind.  With the east wind, the boat, without the windshield and with bimini up, penetrated easily.

I noted the cadence: with minimal effort I could maintain 60 cycles/minute for long period-about 3.5-4 mph.  Reducing the rate to 55 cycles/minute- no effort, which I could maintain indefinitely, I still went more than 3 mph.


  • By peg yeats -


    can you send me information about getting a pedal boat like the ones on your website

    ebay only or what?

  • By admin -


    You can order directly from us by contacting us at inquiry@nauticraft.com or by calling on the toll free number: (888) 709-7097

  • By Dubai charter -


    If you want to have fun and get the workout of a good bike ride you will enjoy pedal boat. My wife and I live on the waterfront on Chesapeake Bay and this little boat gets lots of use.

  • By Josh Pittel -


    Wow, what an adventure, as a Boat Repair Company we mainly deal in power boats and such, but I can definitely appreciate the simplicity and good workout that comes with a voyage like this… my hats off to you!

    • By Mary Davis -


      Thank you, Josh, for your comments. The Escapade is a phenomenal boat! We always enjoy hearing from our boat owners and how they are using/enjoying their boats. This was a great testimony as to how well the boat performed!

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