Exceptional Service

I wanted to thank all of you for exceptional personalized service and attention you gave me over the last few weeks. It is very obvious how important customer care is to you and your company. You are also just fantastic people who love what you do! We are thoroughly enjoying our Encore P/E Boat at our Lake Naomi in Pocono Pines, Pa. We have been out on it the last two weekends and are loving it. Thank you again for making this purchase so pleasurable.

-Steve of Pennsylvania

Had a Blast on the Encore Pedal/Electric Boat!

Our Maiden voyage went perfectly. We were on the bay for over 3 hours. What a blast! My wife’s smile says it all!

-Jerry of California

Chillaxin’ on the Encore Electric Boat

First impressions:
Wow this is great! almost no sound from the trolling motor, only the wind, water and birds … this is truly chillaxing. Cap down, it was already late in the afternoon, no need for sun protection. To get in the boat … well for me (after two past lumbar operations) it was best to enter the boat via the swim platform at the stern. Seats are a bit too far leaning backwards, but I understand that when the boat is equipped with the peddlers that is the best position. Operations are very easy, even I can do that without any hick ups :). Steering is very responsive, a little effort though to keep the boat straight (I suppose because there was a nice wind blowing). So we went around our isle and a bit further up the bay for almost half an hour. Not fast, but you surely get there. The motor works very well, forward or reverse all perfect. They say Minn Kota is the best, I tend to believe that indeed. With only one person in the boat, it’s a bit off balance (I wonder mmmmm … is it my weight?). With two in the front however, the balance is perfect. Very cool 1st experience!

-Frans of Curacao

Thanks For Making Such a Sweet Pedal Boat! (Escapade Pedal Boat)

The deeper areas of our bay are full of big, fast boats many heading out to the ocean. So one must negotiate the wake. The boat does great, regardless. Didn’t take on any water! I felt safe. Leading up to one very bad storm I was wondering how I’d fare by myself, but I did just fine. Basically, I guess I’m saying the Escapade does great. The Bimini is fantastic! I love the shade it offers! The seat is extremely comfortable. I can pedal for several hours and it still feels completely effortless. Really good tuning on that! Thanks for making such a sweet pedal boat!

-Nina of New Jersey

A Love Affair With the Encore Electric Boat

It was a gorgeous almost full moon last night and our whisper-quiet trips around the lake were so nice. Being able to sit side-by-side with my husband made conversation so much easier than with the pond prowler.

-Gayle of California

The Escapade Pedal Boat – A Leap of Faith

I love this boat (Escapade). It was a bit of a leap of faith. I wasn’t sure I would really like it. I’ve been pedaling it for about four months now and have racked up nearly 600 miles. Not easy, calm miles. I live on the Olympic Peninsula in Port Townsend, WA where the water has lots of currents and there is often strong wind. It has performed well in all conditions. It is the seaworthiness of the boat that has impressed me most. It’s first real test was in 20+ kts of wind and three to four foot wind waves. To be safe I left the marina and only went about a quarter mile up-wind then turned around and went back. I was a bit gripped, the boat felt tippy. I tried it again, didn’t feel so tippy. By the sixth time out and back I was having fun. Part of the test was to see if it was possible to make way into strong wind and waves and the answer was a definite yes. Normally in flat water and no wind I can do 3 knots pretty easily. That was cut down to 2 knots by the extreme conditions, but I was impressed.

My goals for the boat were exercise and adventure and both were accomplished. I’m 67 years old and have found this to be the perfect form of non-impact exercise. I’m in better shape than I’ve been in years and have lost a lot of weight. But the reason this form of exercise has worked when others didn’t is because the boat is fun to pedal and it is definitely possible to have adventure. It’s interesting how one can go the same places one has been in a power or sail boat and experience it very differently. Rounding Cape Wilson, or circumnavigating Marrowstone Island, which in a big boat are usually hum drum affairs, can become exciting in a little one. You have to think differently when you are depending on human power. If the current is running three knots you are not going to make way into it, unless you can find an eddy to ride. All this makes planning a trip much more interesting and challenging.

Every boat is a compromise and this one is no exception. The big tradeoff is speed vs. stability. The ballasted keel assures stability but the weight means the boat is slower then it would be otherwise, and it makes it awkward to handle the boat on land. It is a reasonable tradeoff for me. It would be nice to be able to pedal at four knots instead of three but the safety provided by the weight is worth it.

I highly recommend this boat. It’s fun, seaworthy, and durable. And the folks at Nauticraft have been great at answering all my questions.

-Jim of Washington

An Escapade Pedal Boat – Winning the Race to Alaska?

Please do feel free to forward this email to your prospective client in beautiful Pt Townsend. Be sure to include my seasoned opinion that an Escapade is, doubtless, going to win the Race to Alaska (r2ak.com) — or have serious fun trying.

Fabulous boat! Exemplary support from the designer/manufacturer & staff. Definitely get yourself an Escapade. You’re only regret will be not having done so sooner.

-Kate of Washington

My Encore Pedal Boat is Easy to Maneuver – and is Quiet

We really enjoy our Encore Pedal Boat. It is so much more fun than the two paddle boats we had previously owned. Its a real boat and so much more maneuverable and quiet.

– Richard of New Hampshire

My Wife Enjoys Taking Our Encore Boat Out On Her Own

Really enjoy the Encore Electric boat and my wife enjoys the fact she can take it out on the lake by herself.

– Bob of Florida

All Eyes Are on My Escapade Pedal Boat – Better Known as “The Yacht”!

Just really want to share how much we are enjoying the Escapade. It is amazing how much of a conversation starter it has been. We jokingly nicknamed it ‘the yacht’ because of the response we get when we pedal out to the local dockside restaurant- I was told that ‘all eyes’ are on the Escapade when we pull up, ‘just like when the big and fancy yachts’ come to dock!

– Angel of Florida

My Escapade Pedal Boat is Helping Me to Get Into Better Shape

I really love my Escapade. I’ve been trying to lose some weight and get into better shape and I think the Escapade has been helping a great deal. I’ve lost around 12 pounds total since I started. I feel like a kid again with a new bicycle. I’m 67 and was starting to slow down a bit but I feel somewhat re-energized since I’ve been going out with the Escapade. I’ve been going out for 3, 4, up to 5 hours at a time and most of it is constant pedaling.

I think because of the Escapade’s design, with a tailwind the arch and windscreen tend to act a bit like a sail but with a headwind the streamlined design of the same doesn’t seem to be much of a deterrent to forward progress. Even with a good headwind I’m able to make decent progress forward which is something I was concerned about (getting back to my dock on a windy day when the winds were not favorable).

– Richard of Michigan

Fun Times on My Escapade Pedal Boat

I wanted to tell you what a wonderful summer I had with the Escapade. My dog and/or grandchildren and I were out in it almost every day. It performed flawlessly and we had many great times! I was sad when it was time to take it out. 😂 I’m definitely looking forward to more fun times next summer!

– Pat of Illinois

Tracking Speeds on My Escapade Pedal Boat

Thanks again for producing such a wonderful watercraft. This year I acquired a GPS unit, so I could keep track of my time pedaling and the average and maximum speeds on the water. Overall, I put in over 110 hours (typically with 90 minutes sessions) and on a good day, averaging about 6 km/hr. A few times, I could get the Escapade up to 8.5 km/hr (5.3 mph), but couldn’t sustain that pace very long. Still, it’s a real blast on the water – rough or smooth, windy or calm.

– Al of Ontario, Canada

Walking on Water

A review of the Nauticraft Escapade
By Brooks Yeilding

It’s like walking on water. Or as close as I am going to get to it in this earthly life. I have been a performance enthusiast all my life. From jogging shoes, wake boards, bicycles, cars to jets. Performance is an accepted blending of compromising aspects to obtain an optimum balance of output. You may have to give up some of one thing to get some of another. That is what I was looking for when I contacted Nauticraft about a human powered watercraft (HPW). I was not looking for a toy. I wanted a performance craft. The Nauticraft Escapade has the right performance balance.

As I moved from the athlete days of my youth to my sixties I have had to accept some compromises. In the last few years I have been a kayaker and a recumbent trike rider. When I moved to Lake Harding in rural Alabama a couple of years ago I lost the ability to ride my recumbent trike because of nothing but country roads with no shoulders, not to mention the texting and driving issues. So; that left the Kayak. That’s fine for the day of “planned” occasional recreation, but I’ve learned that if you really want to go every day and exercise consistently – it has to be convenient! Both those previous pursuits required “dressing” for the occasion. When I go out in the Escapade I put on three things – water shoes, cotton shorts and sometimes a tee shirt and get in the boat and go. I don’t get hot spots in my feet from clipless bike shoes. I carry one; but don’t have to wear a life vest all the time as I do in a kayak. You can stop and rest, eat lunch, and even get out and swim and get back in with ease. It is much more stable than any boat of its size.

Although my experience with the Escapade is limited to fresh water lakes, I have had no problem with four foot boat wakes and have been out in 30 mph winds and white caps. Sometimes in the ocean, you can never have a big enough boat. I am sure the Escapade will do well there; within reason. So the performance question everybody always asks is “how fast is it?” It is not like the boats you see in most water parks. It is a real performer. My normal cruising cadence is one revolution per second of the foot crank. That equates to 5 feet per second or about 3 1/2 miles per hour over the water in still wind and no current. That’s about twice what I did in a kayak. It’s about as fast as the average person would jog! That is a great compromise between hull resistance, propeller design and propulsion linkage. The twisted belt propulsion system is simple, maintainable and as corrosion resistant as you can get. Seat ergonomics and adjustment are just right. I am almost as comfortable in the Escapade as I am in my living room chair. I have done extended rides of several miles and been out for hours. Take your kids or your dog with you if you desire.

In case you were thinking this is just for younger folks – I am a 64 year old, 6’1″, 250 lb. male that has had major back surgery. Although the Escapade can be a recreational craft for any age, I can tell you it is an exceptional “fun” exercise vehicle for anyone as well. Especially, if you live on a lake – forget your walking gear, your bike, stair stepper or your kayak – get an Escapade or any of Nauticraft’s other craft that meet your needs.

What are the cons? Very few. The keel gives it great stability in the water, similar to a sailboat, but it’s not suited for flat beaching. That’s a small compromise for stability. The plexiglass windscreen has a lot of glare to it. It would be impractical to make it from glass and most of the glare issue can be solved with a pair of Polaroid sunglasses. It is removable if desired. The windscreen arch could use some kind of in-molded hand holds to help with egress. I wanted to be able to use mine all year around, all weather, so I had a folding full enclosure canopy made. I enjoy being out on rainy days. For fair weather only, it is available with a Bimini top.

If you are looking for a “performance” PWC, you can’t go wrong with the Escapade.

– Brooks Yeilding
United Airlines

Time Well Spent in Winter Storage of Encore P/E

Well the boat is in the water again and we didn’t have any trouble at all. Of course I took extraordinary measures to store it including taking out the drive units, taking out the cushions, the battery and lubricating all plastic on plastic moving parts with some silicone along with taking it out early enough last fall so that it had plenty of time to dry. Before I put them in I adjusted the drive units and lubricated them also. It didn’t really take that much work to store it this way and I think if I continue to do it each year it should last forever. Here’s to a good year.

– Ed of Wisconsion

Third Time’s a Charm

We love our Nauticraft Encore Pedal boat! In 1977, my wife and I bought a lake house in Maine. We enjoyed going out on the water in our canoe and enjoyed the early morning and evening quiet of the lake and the wildlife. We purchased a paddle boat and enjoyed taking our children for rides around the shoreline. However, the slap slap slapping of the paddles were an irritation for me. Eventually the drive mechanism would start to clank as we worked the pedals. I would try to tighten the drive mechanism, but it would always become noisy.

We gave away our paddle and bought a more expensive one in the hope that it would not be as noisy. But to no avail, they all became noisy. About four years ago, we saw a neighbor’s Encore Pedal boat. We were amazed by how quiet and smooth it was. It also had room for two passengers and the workmanship was of the highest quality. Now there was a boat that had all we wanted! Our neighbors were kind enough to let us use it. It was awesome! So this year I ordered one for my wife’s Mother’s Day present. It was shipped UPS freight and the packaging was also well designed. Now we quietly travel the lake in style with our grandchild. Thank you Nauticraft for building such a wonderful boat.

– Barbara & Richard of Maine

Smooth as Silk

After performing a few more little tweaks, the boat (Escapade) was ‘as smooth as silk’ today. A real pleasure to operate and underneath the windshield, very warm.

All the best to the whole company and thanks for making “the most beautiful boat in the world”.

– Al of Orillia, Ontario

An Escapade Love Affair

We loved our Escapade the moment we saw it and our love affair only got stronger with each passing season we put on this marvelous little craft. It is a joy to pilot and even easier to repair if that need should arise (hey it is a mechanical devise, it is bound to need help every now and again). It is so simple and easy to diagnose any issue as it is a very simple drive system. They made getting to all the parts very convenient and easy. Truly an outstanding design.

This company has really out-performed our every expectation, from the craft to the staff on up to the owner of the company, Curt. This is one of the best run nautical manufacturers in the industry.

The boats are so easy to customize and so fun to do so. One of the coolest parts about our boat is that it does not make a sound and animals come right up to it. In the San Francisco Bay, where my wife has logged not hundreds but thousands of hours in her boat, sea lions would follow her as if to say they approve. Now that we are living in South Florida, everything from Manatees, spotted Eagle Rays, to sea turtles and even hammerhead and bonnet head sharks come right up to the boat. There are a pair of dolphins that live in our waterway that we call, Frick and Frack, that are very curious about this boat, often following us around.

We take our dogs out to the local islands here to run around and they too enjoy the peaceful ride of the Escapade.

People from all walks of life want to know where we got this and could I get them one. I plan on buying a few more simply to rent to folks.
If you are even toying with the idea of getting one, don’t give it another thought, these little boats are WELL worth the money and the people behind the scenes are an amazing bunch of people who are willing to give you the service you deserve.

A great company from the keel up to the captain.

– A.J. & Laurie of FL

It’s the most popular watercraft at the dock!

I have owned a Nauticraft Escapade for three years and it is a fabulous little boat. When I was in the process of ordering it, each and everyone at the company was incredibly helpful as we discussed models and selected features for the boat I finally ordered. Delivery went smoothly, and I was guided through the minimal assembly that needed to be done. Maintenance has been easy and the helpful online videos and parts ordering have been made easy by Mary Davis and the Nauticraft team which deservedly takes great pride in their work. The staff is accessible and responsive to all of my questions.
The boat has been so much fun to use for all of my friends and family. It is truly the most popular watercraft at the dock! It is great exercise and also very stable for young and old. It is a terrific fishing platform. It is easily winterized and disassembles quickly for storage. The boat is thoughtfully designed and has given all of us much pleasure. We all love it!!

– Fred Schiffman of MA

Who needs a convertible?

We got our Escapade in the water today and I was out for a 20-minute pedal – ahhhhhhhhhh, it was wonderful – all systems go. We don’t own a convertible, but I can imagine how great it must feel with the top down cruising on a beautiful sunny day. And mostly I don’t even have to look where I’m going. I find pedaling the Escapade to be therapeutic – both physically and mentally, and dare I say, spiritually.

– Ontario, Canada

We absolutely love the Encore!

We are thrilled with the Encore….what a great design and product! We were able to cruise and enjoy the scenery while getting some exercise! We took an ice chest with snacks, swam off the platform and enjoyed a champagne sunset electric cruise! Thank you all for the nice reception and assistance in picking up our boat!

– Bruce of Lake Powell, AZ

Post Purchase Service

I purchased a Nauticraft Encore electric boat about 5 years ago. It runs great on our lake. What I want to comment on is the post purchase service that the Nauticraft people provide. I have called with questions on operation several times and have gotten prompt and knowledgeable help. I highly recommend doing business with this firm if interested in electric and or pedal boats.

– Joe of Connecticut

There’s Nothing Like It!

She arrived safely and is in the river. We are delighted – what a fantastic product! It is getting a lot of use and attracting a lot of attention. There is nothing like it over here!
– Spencer Rodd of England

A treat for the whole family!

Since 2013, my entire family & I have had the pleasure of owning and operating the Escapade. It has been a source of great pleasure especially for my grandchildren who range in age from 6 yrs – 11 yrs old. All safely operate the boat with a parent or a grandparent in the passenger seat.
Nauticraft has been a great source of help and information when minor issues have arisen. And the on-line videos are clear and helpful when minor adjustments need to be made.
I heartily recommend Nauticraft’s line of boats for anyone interested in wonderful family fun!
– F.S. Massachusetts

We Love Him!

Dear Mary and the rest of the Nauticraft team!
Thank you so much for the wonderful Encore!
We love him!
– Marcela & Dag of Norway

My personal favorite is the Escapade

Personally I really like the boat ESCAPADE. Very maneuverable and fast. The ENCORE model perfectly fits the profile of our customers (families of 2 adults and two children, also for older people who want a quiet experience).

A bicycle for the water

I am a cyclist and my Escapade is like having a recumbent bicycle that rides on the water. I like to take it out on Lake Michigan and ride up the coast for hours. It is comfortable enough for long trips and the Bimini top provides shade from the summer sun. When it gets too hot, I can jump in and cool off. Sometimes, I travel close to shore, and other times, I travel off shore about a mile, since the boat is very seaworthy. This is a great, low-intensity, complement to cycling on land.

– Joe of Spring Lake, MI

Our new Encore pedals like silk

– Eric Wight of Backroads Whistler, British Columbia

I can’t believe how fast it goes.

It’s so easy to pedal and maneuver around. Makes me feel like a kid again. I just want to keep playing!

– Nancy Sanford of Florida

I just love these little boats!

These boats are so much fun they should have a warning label on them – “If you have one of these boats just forget about getting any work done!”

– Cathy D of South Portland ME

Good for the Environment

These boats are pedal or electric powered, and are good for the environment

– Joe Smith of Muskegon MI

I love my new Escapade

“I believe you all went above and beyond my expectations”

– Kim of Minnesota

The Boat performed Magnificently

– John of New York

I can say it was well worth the purchase

If anyone is considering an nontraditional pedal boat for fun, pleasure, nature-enjoying, or even transportation if that somehow is a need for you, I highly recommend checking out Nauticraft as an option. The model I purchased is no longer available (Sprite), but there are two other, larger, multi-seat models (Escapade and Encore) available, both of which require trailers. These are boats built for comfort, speed, and just plain enjoyment. UPDATE from Nauticraft. The original Sprite is no longer available. But it has been replaced with an updated version. Additional information on that boat can be found via our website.

– Oliver of Ontario

The Boat could run circles around traditional pedal boats

Pedaling is less strenuous than a regular pedal boat, yet it goes much faster. Steering is amazingly tight and responsive, though I think I would have preferred a steering wheel rather than two levers. The comfortable seat is made of a foam material covered in vinyl, and it can very easily be adjusted forward or back to match the size of the user; removing it entirely is a snap.

– Oliver of Canada

Nauticraft is the Gold Rush of pedal boats

The best pedal boats I have ever seen or used. There was a short piece written about them in Recumbent News a few years ago as I recall. In any event these are expensive, but really top grade boats. Well designed with unbelievable performance. Several years ago the guy who developed them took one to Newport, RI to the Small Boat Show and challenged all others to a race that was out to a buoy and back. Kayaks, sea skiffs, shells, you name it, all entered the competition. The Nauticraft handily beat the field. Then one of the guys in a shell wanted to try it. He was an Olympian and could not believe this goofy pedal boat with a fat guy in it beat him. He bested his own time over the course by almost 1 full minute on his first attempt.

– Bill of Florida

Nauticraft Boats really deliver when it comes to fun

We’ve had a great time with our Encore Electric boat this summer. No Regrets!! Thanks for a great product.

– Randy of Ohio

Lovely Boat

The Escapade absolutely exceeds all promises!

– Ralph of Pittsburgh

USS Diabetes

If you want to be outside and exercise on the water and work on your tan, get a boat from Nauticraft…sure it’s pricy, but so are Doctors and weight loss programs and DIABETES.

– Dave of Arkansas

I truly wish that Facebook had a LOVE button

You know, if you more than like something. Because truth be told I love this boat called the Escapade and I love the people who bring it to market. Dollar for dollar, the Nauticraft product is one of the finest, hand crafted products made in the good old USA. If you’re thinking about getting a Nauticraft, think no longer. Buy it! You’re bound to love it.

– Bill of Florida

Pedaling the Potomac 2012

I bought my Escapade in the spring of 2001 as a 50th birthday present to myself. I named my pedal boat RiverSong, and now; as my 12th boating season begins, I still love it as much as ever.

– Trish of Alexandria VA

Nauticraft family

Thank you again for the amazing service. I feel like part of your family there at Nauticraft and I love that.

– AJ of San Francisco

Luv da boat

We love the boat. It’s the talk of the lake.

– Jim of Wayne NJ

Encore Electric

It’s a beautiful boat. Runs nice and smooth. Lots of fun. I am happy with it!

– John of AZ

Tired of it?

I have heard “Cool” so many times I am getting tired of it. (Well – not really.)

– Bruce A

It’s So Responsive!

Wow, this really goes. It’s so responsive. Turns on a dime!

Just Enough

This is a “just enough boat” – what a great time!

– Dave M

What Superb Design

You are to be commended not only for a superb design, but also for exceptional craftsmanship.

– Bruce A


It is fantastically relaxing as well as exercising.

– Jan John G

Similar speed

It is interesting to note that its speed in rough conditions is about the same as it is under calm conditions.

– Michael L

Love It!!

I love my Escapade!

– Vaughn B

I Want One of Those

One of the best things about going out is hearing everyone tell me how “cool” the boat is and wondering where I got it.

– Rick W

Great Service

I want to thank you very much for the excellent customer service and support you’ve provided. I am a very happy and satisfied customer!

– Rick W

Having a Ball!

We’re having a ball with it here at Hilton Head. It really catches everyone’s eye.

– Lee C

Hey Good Lookin’

Good looks – a good way to relax and still exercise.

– Chuck J

Simplistic Yet Durable

I like it’s looks, aerodynamic shape, efficient drive train – simplicity of design, and durability of rotomolded plastic.

– Randy E

Seaworthy & Built Well

It’s seaworthy, good when the wind blows, built well and able to steer easily. It is the talk of the lake.

– Z Graham

Room Enough for the Dogs!

People just LOVE them. We had 2 adults, 2 kids and 3 poodles in one, and they came back dry and happy.

– Bill L

Exploring with my Boat

I am having a ball with my boat! I pedal it every day to a different location on the lake.

– Gail B

Alot of thought went into the design

We are very happy with our Encore Pedal boat. Alot of thought went into the design. It is very comfortable, easy to pedal & very maneuverable. It did not seem to matter whether the water was calm or rough – or whether we had 1 or 4 people – the boat handled the same.