28 Jun 2012

The Polyethylene Advantage

All the boat hulls at Nauticraft are made using a polyethylene compound in a rotational molding process.  Positive attributes include natural buoyancy due to it’s specific gravity being lower than water…it floats! There are UV stabilizers added by the resin manufacturer to ensure long life even when sitting in the hot sun.  It is impact resistant in that it will withstand little bumps on the dock without cracking or crazing, and if it does get scratched the color is consistent throughout the wall thickness.  It has natural resistance to salt water environments. The walls of the hull are thick enough to allow structural integrity without adding weight, thus allowing a larger boat that weighs less than a typical counterpart.

Keep in mind that it is not indestructible!  We’ve heard of  scenarios of dragging the boats on rocky terrain and ramming them full speed into a rocky shore, and it didn’t bode well for the boat.  Using the guidelines listed, you can have years of enjoyment with your Nauticraft Pedal boat.

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