11 Mar

Health Benefits from Using Nauticraft Pedal Boats

This is a letter we received from one of our owners in Arkansas~

“My initial interest in Nauticraft was to be able to exercise my 300+ pound body as anything like walking or running was too hard on my knees. Then I found out a new and far more important reason to ‘Peddle Peddle Peddle’..Diabetes.

After the iinitialshock had passed the reality set in that my Doctor’s words ‘lose 75 pounds or give me your feet now’ was a real threat. The USS Diabetes DRV-1 had a new purpose and became the tool for beating diabetes.
My diabetic diet when combined with 1 hour a day in the boat proved within 6 months that I could beat this illness if I just kept at it. I lost 70 hard fought pounds and found an exercise that I couldn’t wait to do and now that the diabetes is in check I still peddle every morning for 1 hour and enjoying the outdoors and better health.

If you want to be outside and exercise on the water and work on your tan, get a boat from Nauticraft…sure it’s pricey, but so are Doctors and weight loss programs and DIABETES.”

Loving my boat….Dave Scroggin

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