24 Jan 2011

Encore Fishing Boat

The Encore Electric fishing model needs a name, any suggestions?

I am asking once again for input in what options would be best used on the fishing boat.  Rod holders, electrical options, tackle organizers, bait holders just to name a few.  What would you recommend to include in the standard package as well as options most used and required for fishing on small inland lakes.  Thank you for participating!


  • By Terry Drake -


    I am a kayak fisherman and I am totally in love with the Nauticraft encore. I have used one a few times in Westport, Wa and it is a great boat!

    A few things that I find essential on a small fishing boat would be; of course rod holders,(most everyone I know have scotty brand unless they are molded in) then each boat need multiple flat spaces to mount personal accessories, a nice place to mount a Fish finder that is easily accessible and it also is nice if the Fish finder can be stowed out of the weather when needed to with a weather proof area for a small 12v battery that has a place to run wires through. Finally, I know what is a must for every kayak fisherman is a molded space that fits either a Milk crate or a five gallon bucket that can be used for live bait holders or extra tackle. Something I see your boat could offer that kayaks would lack would also be a place to mount a downrigger! This would be awesome!

    Is your boat going to be available in a pedal version. Unfortunately, I purchased my fishing kayak right before learning about your boats. I wish I could find it in my budget to buy an encore for my own. I have already planned out my ideas to convert it into my perfect pedal Salmon fishing boat for Puget Sound! I could really use a nice bimini to keep the weather out so I could be out more often! I love the looks I get when I troll past other fisherman in boats and they are always shocked to see someone out in the weather fishing with a human powered craft.

    I can’t wait to see your boat! If you need any beta testers I am very available! 🙂

  • By admin -


    Your response is really appreciated!

    We are planning on mounting 2 flush mount rod holders at the stern and two side mounts on the gunwales. Not sure about downriggers, have to talk to my salmon fishing husband about that one!

    I was thinking of a couple options as far as the fish finder goes; both are from Hummingbird. One is the Fishing Buddy which is battery operated but sets on the outside of the gunwale and is battery operated. The other would be a more standard style, but would require an alternative 12volt source or wired directly into the line which is more difficult for us due to our limitations. Also, do you think a bucket would suffice, or would a battery operated live well be a better option?

    Thanks again, and if you are thinking of coming to Michigan, we’d happily let you fish till your heart was content! Once the ice and snow melts of course 🙂

  • By Alton White -


    Please don’t forget a cup-holder or two. A raised seat is very important to fish from from Both sides of the boat. Most of the fishing done here in the south is done from an elevated seat or standing on a flat surface…


    Al White

  • By Laurie -


    Hi Al! thanks for the entry, I did forget all about those cup holders! Our plan is to use traditional fishing seats on a short (7″) pedestal and not the Nauticraft seats we use in the other boats. They will be able to swivel 360 degrees I think, and we’ll be putting adjustable rod holders on either side as well for convenience. I had tried to use the 13″ pedestal, but I think that is too high for the height of the freeboard.

    I had not answered the question concerning whether it would be available in the pedal version. It is going to be only electric at this point, but we may be able to add certain options like the rod holders and fish finder to the Encore Pedal or Pedal and Electric.

  • By Richard Goldstein -


    Hi folks. I love the looks of the fishing boat. As to the electric motor, can you not use a transom mounted motor, all that time wrenching my back to work the tiller hurts my back. How about a perminently mounted motor and either stick steering or a small mounted steering wheel?

  • By Terry -


    Many kayak fisherman use a 5gallon bucket for a samll livewell but, a molded in one would be a very nice accessory. I use a hummingbird fish finder and the hardest part is finding the beat way to mount the transducer and run the wires through the hull. I am still very excited to see your boat!

    I would love to make it to Michigan!

  • By Yacht Rent Dubai -


    Well, It depends on you that which package u want and which is affordable for you.According to me, Rod holders package is preferable.

  • By Chris -


    Perhaps a radio? Nothing like a little relaxing fishing and some tunes *snickers*

  • By Beverly -


    What would be the best boat for a 64yr old lady .beverly_94@msn.com
    Thanks Bev Pickle.Also I live in Muskegon can I buy ne directly from the factory or can I buy a last years model cheaper lol.

  • By Chris -


    A good name might be the Angler.

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